We serve our customers through a combination of technical expertise and quick response time, supporting the mission-critical operations across

various process industries.

Applications, reliability and safety are essential. To support the industry’s highly regulated, mission-critical operations, we offers a wide range of innovative

services and applied engineering solutions.

How We Can Help?

We are leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies

and services to a variety of process industries. Our team of experts designs and

manufactures a variety of products, including Mechanical Seals and Systems

(API Plans) and Couplings in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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Mechanical Seals The scope of our mechanical seal product range far exceeds any other seal manufacturer

Our world-class rotating equipment technologies, paired with an

unmatched breadth of applied engineering expertise, meet virtually

all international standards including API 682 and help plants reduce

maintenance costs, slash down time and improve reliability.

Disc couplings are designed with features to increase the safety, reliability, productivity and profitability of your plant. Whether you are operating remotely in the cold, sub-zero or areas of high humidity, we broad range of power transmission disc couplings are designed to operate safely and reliably. T Series disc couplings are fully compliant with API 610 and can be supplied to meet API 671 (for turbomachinery requiring full API 671 compliance as standard, we have high-performance H series disc couplings), and the L Series disc couplings are perfect for general industry applications. Disc couplings have a multiple disc (membrane) design that does not require any lubrication and is designed with an industry-leading scalloped disc that helps improve the efficiency of your equipment. Applications for disc couplings include centrifugal pumps, ANSI pumps, mixers and agitators.